NOVEMBER EVENTS – 10 November 2017

The end of October, and the beginning of November, has been pretty exciting for us, and its only going to continue in the run up to Christmas.

The Teme Valley Market is occurring on 12 November 2017, with plenty of produce from local suppliers, growers, and artisans. Definitely worth a visit, as Mrs C has been on to the staff at The Talbot, and we’ve all had to stir the Christmas Pudding mix, and make a wish. Whether this is just a Mrs C tradition, a Talbot tradition, or a nationwide one, I’m not too sure, but as you can see, it brings a lot of joy to the staff, as they continue the traditions started here.

As you can see, Saffron, our Chef de Partie, is definitely hoping for a good Christmas, with such a gleeful look on her face! These Christmas Puddings are available this coming Teme Valley Market, and will also be available in full force on 10 December 2017, for the last Market of the year.

Other fantastic news comes from our Kitchen this month, as we have celebrated 2 large national food campaigns!

The first was, of course, the Big UK Sausage Week! Executive Chef, Steve, created unique to The Talbot sausages, of ‘pig cheek, pigeon, and paprika’ (the big 3!), and ‘pork kidney and puffball mushroom’ varieties. These were paired with our regularly featured local sausage from the Knightwick Butchers, in a ‘Trio Of Sausages’ meal throughout the week! Those left over were made into a delicious ‘Sausage Casserole’, to continue the celebration of the British Banger for a few days more!

On the very first day of November, we saw ‘World Vegan Day’, and new Sous Chef, Aidan, was put to the test!

Aidan created a delicious selection of Vegan meals and accompaniments, including Vegan Mayonnaise, a chocolate cake, and this, a BEAUTIFUL Vegan falafal burger, including chips and onion rings! The meals were popular with Talbot patrons, whom are usually game and meat eaters, but perhaps the feature of something a little unusual on the menu sparked some interest. We’ll be excited to see what else Aidan will be producing in our Kitchen as he settles in, and gets used to the place.

Going forward, we must mention our new venture! The Talbot Pub Quiz will be starting on 23 November, 2017! This will be in aid of The Royal British Legion, whom we have supported for many years, especially around Armistice Day, and Remembrance Sunday. If you want to be a part of our Pub Quiz for the RBLI, please call in and speak to the Bar staff to register your team, or email us at Entrance of £5.00 goes towards the RBLI, and also towards a Pizza Dinner for those participating!

This month has also seen our Bakery spread their wings into other Markets around the Worcestershire area, with their regular table being at the Hanley Swan Market, just outside Malvern. They are always developing delicious new flavours, and of course, every Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday, their breads are available in our Bar for purchase, and ordering.

Lastly, we welcome back the Shooting and Hunting season at The Talbot, with vast quantities of pheasant, partridge, pigeon, and other wild game coming into our kitchen! From 20 November, through to the 26 November, we’ll be celebrating ‘UK Game Week’, and will be making a huge push on getting game onto our menu, and having our customers enjoy home cooked, game meals!

We welcome the return of the Worcestershire Hunt, whom will be starting their day’s drag hunting here at The Talbot, and it will be a sight to behold. Come down, support your local, rural community, and don’t forget, we are also looking for nominations for the #RuralOscars, with the Countryside Alliance! Please check out their website ( and nominate us, with an explanation of why you love our pub!

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