The Teme Valley Market

One of the UK's Oldest Farmers' Markets ~ Every 2nd Sunday of the Month

The next Teme Valley Market will be held on the 13th of December 2020!

History of the Market

Everyone talks about Farmers' Markets as though they have always been about; in fact, the movement is barely 20 years old, and the Teme Valley Market was one of the originals.

It was opened in October 1998, at The Talbot, with 4 stalls in what was The Ballroom. There are now about 30 stalls at the front of The Talbot, come hail or shine (in 2001, it had to close for 3 months due to Foot & Mouth, and 1 month, had to migrate to Ankerdine Barn, because of the floods).

There are stalls at each market, selling apple juice, beer and ciders, hand-made fudge and chocolates, cakes, cheeses, fruit, honey, meat, charcuterie, scotch eggs, fresh fish, pickles and preserves, pot-grown herbs, plants, olives, delicatessen, ready-made meals, vegetables, varietal potatoes, wine, asparagus, cherries, strawberries, and apples and pears, when in season.

Together with craft stalls, including hand-forged iron work, knitting, cushions, wood-turning, jewellery, soap and bath products, the Market offers an eclectic mix of items and produce everyone can enjoy.

And it is all made nearby!

The whole idea was for people making good quality products, locally, to be able to sell their wares to local people. This is the Teme Valley Market's founding principal. It is one of the few markets run by its stall holders; we put up and take down the marquee, and organise our own activities and publicity, to keep costs to a minimum.

We are enthusiastic and forward-looking, and feel we are doing our bit to promote 'authentic' local markets, selling local food and products. We were recently named one of the Top Ten Farmers' Markets in England by the Independent Newspaper.

To keep our connection with the land, we hold a Plough Blessing service at the January Market, and a Harvest Thanksgiving at the October Market.