The Teme Valley Brewery

To learn more about the Teme Valley Brewery, check out their website, or pop into the pub.

The Teme Valley Brewery opened in 1997 at The Talbot. Until September 2000, the brewery was the only privately owned UK brewery growing and using its own hops for brewing.

In September 2000, after hop picking, the Lulsley Court Estate was sold. The Clift family had been growing hops at Lulsley Court since the late 19th Century and had been much involved in the history of hop growing in the area, and were among the first to change to mechanical hop picking in 1947.

The Teme Valley Brewery will continue to feature Worcestershire Hops in all its beers, with 90% still grown at Lulsley Court.

Beers are available to take away in:

4 pint flagons
2 gallon bag in box
4.5 gallon bag in box

All containers are re-usable and larger quantities are available for commercial outlets.


The Teme Valley Brewery, alongside Annie and the staff at The Talbot, run various beer festivals throughout the year.

The most well known of these are:

  • The Flying Pig Beer Festival; featuring rare and unusual beers
  • The All Saints Beer Festival
  • The Green Hop Beer Festival; featuring, as the name suggests, beers brewed using local green hops

Keep an eye on our Events pages for when the next beer festivals are due to be happening!