Being so close to the river, the Talbot has seen its share of floods over the last few years. Most recently, it was flooded twice within a few months; first in October 2019, and then the following February. This last flood in particular occasioned a major refurbishment project spanning the entire ground floor.

The kitchen, bar and reception/library area had to be stripped completely, and are being refitted, while the cellar is in the process of being moved above ground.

This gallery will give you an insight into the damage and building work, and let you follow the changes being made.

Pictures of the outside of the pub from the October 2019 flood, looking deceptively pretty and serene. There are fewer pictures of the February 2020 flood as the water was so high and fast that the building wasn't really approachable at its worst.

The bar as it looked before, and going through various stages of repair work.

A temporary bar has been set up in the dining area, with drinks being sold out of the front windows.

All the kitchen equipment was damaged and needed to be removed. The new floor and walls should be more flood-resistant.


The conservatory survived the flood relatively well, allowing us to re-purpose it into a shop and office. Only the glass doors needed replacing after acquiring a permanent haze in the floods.