TOMATOES – 06 October 2017

fresh tomatoesAutumn came a bit earlier this year, and as both poly-tunnels rely on natural heat and light, production from tomatoes, cucumbers, and aubergines came to a fairly abrupt halt in early September; night time temperatures were as low as 8°C.

We had a touch of stem rot in the tomatoes, but managed to keep other moulds and blight at bay by watering lightly, and opening the doors on fine days. The tomatoes yielded about 340kg, including beefsteak, cherry, slicing, French Heritage, and plum types.

All credit goes to the Kitchen, for processing that amount!

Bottles of bright red plum tomatoes now line the pantry shelves for winter use. When ripe, the French Heritage tomatoes range in colour from green, through yellow and orange, to a soft pink, and bring zesty juiciness to the plate. They starred in a popular mixed tomato salad, with our own basil and babyleaf this summer.

preserved plum tomatoes

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