SLUGS! – 03 November 2017

We use nematodes in the spring, to control slugs in the poly-tunnels. They work by invading the slugs, and stopping them from feeding. However, by the end of September, the slug population, which has been silently gathering strength in the damp edges outside the poly-tunnels, begin to sneak in, and huge brown slugs are caught from the walls of the poly-tunnels and quickly dispatched. Small black slugs reappear in the soil where they cause all sorts of troubles to late salad crops. Oh! The joys of an organic Kitchen Garden!

However, one damp morning we walked in to a weird scene. About six slugs dangling off the roof, on strings of their own slime. How had this happened? Did they just decide to abseil off the roof? Or had the slime failed them? Has anyone reading this noticed anything similar? I’ve seen slugs travelling up trees in the rain, so moving upwards seems to be a slug thing to do, but abseiling down? Please do let us know if you’ve experienced similar!abseiling slugs

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