WHITEFLY – 01 December 2017

Oooooh dear…

The last couple of frosts have not reached the whitefly population hiding under the curly kale leaves. As we don’t want to use petrochemicals on our gardens, following our organic principals, I’ve sprayed them several times with a neem oil wash, which they obviously dislike, but its not horrid enough to deter them from staying! Most. Annoying.

All the kales and the other brassicas were covered very carefully at planting out in vegemesh, but the whitefly are so tiny, they can nip through the holes, making our vegetables easy prey, and have spread throughout the raised bed area. We lifted the vegemesh, as it was providing a sheltered, safe haven for these little whiteflies, and our hope is visiting birds will find them a great source of food, and fancy them for a snack as they head on south! So far… they haven’t been tempted, but we’re hopeful, as one must with an organically reared garden.

We’ve got 36 mixed kale plants, ready to plant out, but as they are whitefly-free, I’m reluctant to move them into the raised bed area. Maybe, once our ammonia issues are rectified, we can salvage these lovely little plants and keep them pest free in the long poly-tunnel!

What to do! I guess, as the weather today is starting to turn, we can only hope the frosts start to affect them, and nature does what it does best, and shoos them along, and off our kale!

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