BEDTIME – 17 November 2017

winter kale“Putting the garden to bed” is a well known gardening term. Tidying, manuring, and planning, are pleasant Autumn tasks, to make sure you garden can be at its best next season. But the Kitchen Garden needs to keep producing, throughout the Winter, so, along with a general tidy up, we are planting out kales and broccoli, to stand through the Winter, alongside the leeks.

We are also hopeful for a late crop of dwarf French beans; some “Nassau” sown in July are cropping now, outside, and some “Monaco” my grandson sowed in mid-August are just flowering, and setting in the poly-tunnel, despite the cool temperatures.

As well as the French beans, this poly-tunnel is also growing carrots, salad onions, Chinese greens, rocket, and spinach. As well as being a tasty, fashionable (superfood) vegetable, Winter kales are wonderfully productive, and come in an amazing variety of shapes and colours. We’re already picking green curled, curly scarlet, and cavallo nero, and coming along for winder, are jagallo nero, black magic, and scarlet borecoles. With the Autumn dew on their leaves, they are easily as attractive as any herbaceous plant. In fact, one of the ladies visiting us this summer from Buxton U3A said “I had no idea vegetables could be so lovely!”. High praise indeed, for the humble cabbage!

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