AUTUMN UPDATE – 01 December 2017

We’ve been lucky enough to have help from one of the bar staff at The Talbot, Tom Waters, these last few days, and his help has been invaluable in getting some of the maintenance work done that was needed around the garden site.

The new blueberry bed is well on the way to completion, a path has been re-sited, to stop wheelbarrows tilting (full to spilling with tomatoes from the summer no doubt!), and several tonnes of farmyard manure have been spread. Blueberries need acidic soil, so we’ve excavated our leaf bins, from two years ago, and recovered eight wheelbarrows of soft, crumbly leafmould, to add to our own hoppy compost, to fill their new bed.

The virus infected raspberries have been dug up, and burnt; their bed will have redcurrants in next year. Further projects include making areas for bee-friendly plants, mending poly-tunnel doors, and replacing broken glasshouse glass. The glasshouses and poly-tunnels also need washing, inside and out, to maximise light levels.

Its going to be a busy Autumn!

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