Talbot Culinary & Gardening Experiences


Throughout the year, The Talbot offers a number of culinary experiences that teach participants to the courses various skills, such as bread-making, butchery, game preparation, fish curing, and many other practices that we also utilise here in The Talbot Kitchen.

Head Chef Steve will walk you through all you need to know, and you'll also get to enjoy the food you prepare in the evenings, as well as an overnight stay, and a tour of the Teme Valley Brewery.

If you are interested in any of our experiences, please do not hesitate to pick up the phone and call 01886 821 235 or email us on info@the-talbot.co.uk.

Below are outlined the Culinary Experiences that are available:


Bakery Experience

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Bread bakery, in detail, is the best way to describe this course. The first one run here at The Talbot, this course will take you through all the steps you need to be more confident with your doughs and starts/sponge skills, and teach you "how to look after your various doughs in making breads and buns".

Skills that will be shown to you whilst on this course include:

  • Creation of sourdough,
  • Shaping of breads,
  • Preparing yeasts for seeded dough, wholemeal dough and laminated dough (croissants),
  • Shape and bake croissants and 'pain au chocolat'
  • Questions and Answers with Steve our Head Chef.

Game Butchery & Cooking

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First Day:

Arrival approx. 16:00

A talk with Steve about game, game recognition and a history of game recipes. Q&A. Followed by a grazing supper and drinks in the bar.

Second Day:

8:30/9 Breakfast

9:30/10 Game preparation and butchery. To include: Pheasant, Deer, Rabbit, Partridge & Pigeon.

12:30/13:00 Lunch

13:30/14:00 Ways to cook game. To include: braising, confit, pâté, sous-vide and more.

17:00/17:30 Debrief and Q&A

19:30 Meet in Bar

20:00 Dinner. Sample the dishes made on the day.

Final Day:

Breakfast, followed by Brewery Tour.


Game Experience

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As with previous Game Experiences that have been run at The Talbot, the range of game that will be used to teach will vary dependant on the availability of game. Usual suspects such as pheasant and pigeon will feature, but additional fur and feather game will be announced upon your arrival.

Skills that will be shown in the course include:

  • Plucking, skinning and gutting, and the butchery required for various fur and feather game,
  • Preservation methods for your game,
  • Smoking,
  • Confit,
  • Pâté-making,
  • Plus various dishes that can be made with your preserved and fresh game.

Residential BREWERY Event

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The first day will start about 6pm with a meet and greet with Chris, the head brewer, followed by a local hop yard tour. There will be an informal BBQ supper provided that evening.

On the second day, you will experience a full day’s brewing from mashing in at 8am to washing down at 4pm. The first hour of the day will be in the brewery with Chris, followed by breakfast at 9am. At 10/10:30am working in the brewery will recommence. While the working day progresses, you will be introduced to the key ingredients: water, malt hops and yeast. Each stage of brewing will be explained by our brewers as it happens. There will be the opportunity to explore quality control (beer tasting) and discover how each part of the process impacts on the final result and produces different beers. You will enjoy a lunch break, and after finishing at 4pm in the brewery there will be free time until a dinner hosted by Chris and Steve, the head chef. This will include a small beer tasting.

On the final day there will be breakfast followed by a tour of The Talbot’s Kitchen Garden. A debrief will be held before departure at about 10:30/11am.

Residential GARDENING Event

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The Talbot Kitchen Garden Experience, with Brewery Tour.

Get away from it all and immerse yourself in our garden experience at The Talbot in the beautiful Teme Valley.

Suitable for beginners and those with some experience.

We offer practical hands-on activities covering most aspects of growing for the kitchen. You will also harvest some of our delicious produce for the kitchen to cook for you.

Our gardener will take you from working with your soil and environment, to harvesting and eating. They are also happy to help with gardening queries, whether you are starting out on a balcony with a pot, or working an acre!

Through practical hands-on sessions you will come away ready to start your own kitchen garden, or try some new methods in your established garden.

Steve, our head chef, will show you some cookery and preserving methods. Chris, our head brewer, will show you round the Teme Valley Brewery.

All in the peaceful surroundings of The Talbot....

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Nose-To-Tail Experience

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Pork butchery, in detail, is the best way to describe this course. The first one run here at The Talbot, this course will take you through all the steps you need to be more confident with your butchery skills, and teach you "how to use all of your pig, including the squeak!".

Skills that will be shown to you whilst on this course include:

  • Butchering half a pig, after witnessing Head Chef, Steve, break down the other half,
  • Making cures, both wet and dry, for bacon,
  • Making brawns from the pig's head,
  • Potted brains,
  • Crispy pig's ears,
  • Pate from different parts of the pig,
  • Pork chops and how to prepare them,
  • Peppered, preserved pork fillet,
  • Kidney turbigo,
  • How to tie joints for roasting,
  • Trotter jelly and its uses.

Dexter Beef Butchery Experience

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This course will start at 9am on Thursday and will be taught throughout the day with lunch and dinner provided. A breakfast and debriefing will follow on the Friday morning.

Skills that will be shown to you and discussed whilst on this course include:

  • The origin and history of the Dexter
  • Butchery of the hindquarter and forequarter
  • Identification of joints and cuts
  • Uses and cooking of the Dexter