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The Talbot at Knightwick

From The Kitchen Garden

From The Kitchen Garden… Welcome Back!

WELCOME BACK – 16 February 2018 Welcome back to the Gardeners’ Page! In January both the garden and the gardeners were in hibernation. Seed catalogues, bird box making, and warm fires for the gardeners; biting winds and sleet for the garden. However, the large poly-tunnel, amazingly, carried on quietly, and we harvested a reasonable crop…

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From The Kitchen Garden… Whitefly

WHITEFLY – 01 December 2017 Oooooh dear… The last couple of frosts have not reached the whitefly population hiding under the curly kale leaves. As we don’t want to use petrochemicals on our gardens, following our organic principals, I’ve sprayed them several times with a neem oil wash, which they obviously dislike, but its not…

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From The Kitchen Garden… Ammonia

AMMONIA – 15 December 2017 Another lesson learned this month; fresh muck, however well rotted (and it is lovely stuff, thanks Mike!), contains appreciable levels of ammonia. We spread and top dressed the beds outside, and also happily spread this in the poly-tunnel in a bed opposite our healthy winter salads. We closed the doors,…

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From The Kitchen Garden… Autumn Update

AUTUMN UPDATE – 01 December 2017 We’ve been lucky enough to have help from one of the bar staff at The Talbot, Tom Waters, these last few days, and his help has been invaluable in getting some of the maintenance work done that was needed around the garden site. The new blueberry bed is well…

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From The Kitchen Garden… Bedtime

BEDTIME – 17 November 2017 “Putting the garden to bed” is a well known gardening term. Tidying, manuring, and planning, are pleasant Autumn tasks, to make sure you garden can be at its best next season. But the Kitchen Garden needs to keep producing, throughout the Winter, so, along with a general tidy up, we…

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From The Kitchen Gardens… Slugs!

SLUGS! – 03 November 2017 We use nematodes in the spring, to control slugs in the poly-tunnels. They work by invading the slugs, and stopping them from feeding. However, by the end of September, the slug population, which has been silently gathering strength in the damp edges outside the poly-tunnels, begin to sneak in, and…

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From The Kitchen Gardens… Cucumbers

CUCUMBERS – 20 October 2017 Cucumbers were prolific again this year, and we sent over 300 to the Kitchen. We’ll certainly be growing less next year! Gherkins are a law unto themselves, seemingly growing from chipolata to marrow size as soon as your back is turned. The Kitchen has made plenty of pickles, and quite…

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From The Kitchen Gardens… Tomatoes

TOMATOES – 06 October 2017 Autumn came a bit earlier this year, and as both poly-tunnels rely on natural heat and light, production from tomatoes, cucumbers, and aubergines came to a fairly abrupt halt in early September; night time temperatures were as low as 8°C. We had a touch of stem rot in the tomatoes,…

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