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The Talbot at Knightwick

Archive for November 2017

From The Kitchen Garden… Bedtime

BEDTIME – 17 November 2017 “Putting the garden to bed” is a well known gardening term. Tidying, manuring, and planning, are pleasant Autumn tasks, to make sure you garden can be at its best next season. But the Kitchen Garden needs to keep producing, throughout the Winter, so, along with a general tidy up, we…

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The Talbot Journal… November Events

NOVEMBER EVENTS – 10 November 2017 The end of October, and the beginning of November, has been pretty exciting for us, and its only going to continue in the run up to Christmas. The Teme Valley Market is occurring on 12 November 2017, with plenty of produce from local suppliers, growers, and artisans. Definitely worth…

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From The Kitchen Gardens… Slugs!

SLUGS! – 03 November 2017 We use nematodes in the spring, to control slugs in the poly-tunnels. They work by invading the slugs, and stopping them from feeding. However, by the end of September, the slug population, which has been silently gathering strength in the damp edges outside the poly-tunnels, begin to sneak in, and…

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