The Talbot @ Knightwick

Our Garden

Our garden is a ¾ acre plot which we run on organic principals, we use unheated greenhouses and it has been supplying The Talbot kitchen with much of its vegetables, salads and fruits for the last 25 years.


The Talbot garden consists of long narrow raised beds which form a neat backdrop for us to grow quality produce for use daily in the professional kitchen. As an aid to extend seasons and ensure salads all year round the garden has two polytunnels and a large glasshouse which is used to raise strong transplants of vegetables.

Varieties are selected to suit the site and soil as well as, of course, taste. The vegetables and herbs grown here are as fresh as they can possibly be, so they lose no quality as they pass from garden fork to table fork.

The management and day to day care and maintenance of the garden is carried out by Sue Bayliss

We hope you enjoy the fruits of her labours


Our Restaurant Menu is available
12 Noon - 9pm daily